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December 25, 2009
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To MCRsmellslikevictory
Love: Me

I love the smell of new fabric in the morning… or the afternoon, or the night. I just love it. It was so… perfectly amazing, the feel of new silk, or cotton. It made me want to go and… hug a hobo, kiss a puppy, give money to a bunch of poor black kids! It was great, and I would kill to get to that store first to get the best of the best. And apparently, I wasn't the only guy on my block who would do the same.
Leaning against the stores front window like I did every morning, I watched another guy about my age walk up to the store, look it over, and smile. He glanced over to me and his frown instantly fell. God, I hated these kind of people… the completive kind. I mean, they should get it already, I was the best, duh.
He took his spot on the other side of the door and glanced at his watch, which by the way, was sooo last year. I glared at him, looking him over. He must be another  fashion designer. I mean, who else would dress like that. He was wearing the best of the best in vintage, and his scarf… had to be H&M. I had to admit, he was really cute… even if he was a threat to me…
He was tall and skinny, dressed in a tight pair green skinnys with purple pin strips running up them, that made his legs look just that much longer. He wore a brown long coat that covered his body very well. His pretty brown hair had curly wave to it and was cut to cover his forehead and ears, along with the back of his neck. I noticed layers thrown in there even from under the green fedora hat with the pretty feather. He had a small amount of eyeliners on…. Or maybe that was bags under his eyes from lack of sleep… I was too far away to tell accuracy.
I flipped open my sidekick and looked at the time quickly. Shop opened in six minutes. Six minutes till I had a date with some brand new Egyptian cotton and a roll of velvet… maybe cashmere… I like cashmere. I snapped out of my cloth induced day dream and looked over at the other boy.
He tapped his foot impatiently. I was impatient, but I was so used to the times at this shop, that it was like a daily routine for me. The people in there knew me and everything was set aside for me and I could have whatever I wan-
I heard the click of the lock and my head turned to see the door being propped open. Me and the boy in green looked at each other, staring each other down. This might be a blood battle… I hope I don't need any white cloth today…
"Brendon, come on it! We just got in some AMAZING cashmere! Its in this gorgeous shade of purple with red stripes! You'll love it!" Lena exclaimed when seeing me. She noticed my intense stair on my current enemy and she looked at him in confusion. My stair might have seemed stone cold and concentrated, but all my mind was thinking was "Ohmiagod, they got in cashmere!! WEEEEEEEE"
The other boy stopped glairing and decided to introduce himself… to my best friends/sale woman/ticket to everything!
"Hello. I am Ryan Ross. I just moved into this city, and I heard that this is the best place to buy all my fashion designer needs…" He said, his voice came out like honey. Damn, even his voice was amazing… like his figures… SNAP OUT OF IT URIE! I mentally slapped myself as he went on.
Lena smiled and said, "Well… yeah. We are!" She was so cute when she was being vain. To bad she had boobs…
"But um, I was here first", I chipped in, "So um… get in the back of this two person line Mr. Ross."  I stepped in front of him and up to Leah. "And what were you saying about cashmere?"
I could feel Ryan bubbling over behind me and a smile crossed my face. I love being evil.
"Well um…" Lena began as Ryan turned me around.
"Who do you think you are?!" He asked steamed.
I smiled and went into my pocket. I fished out a card and handed it to him. "Brendon Urie. The vice president of Macy's clothes department. Somewhere where piece of low class, good for nothing fashion designers like you aren't hired!" I gave him one of my flashing smiles and turned to Leah again.
I wrapped my arm around the tiny girl and started to walk with her into the shop, "So, I am in need of green velvet…. Or now that I think of it… maybe not… Maybe polyester…yeah. I also need some cotton… blue, red… and um-"
I felt someone tug of my shoulder and whip me around. "What did you call me?" He demanded though clenched teeth.
"Um, a piece of low class good for nothing fashion designer?" I said in a very bouncy, happy voice, adding a figure to my cheek and a look up to make it look like I was thinking about it.
I could see him dieing on the inside, and anger bubbling up and falling over on the outside. He cracked his neck and then his knuckles. O, big scary Ryro!
"Want to take that back?' He hissed.
"Take it back Urie."
"O, Look at me, I am new in New York and I am big am scary!" I mocked.
Lena jumped in, trying to avoid a unpleasant scene, "Um.. Come on guys… you don't want to get blood on these floors… do you?"
This is true… they were nice floors..
Ryan pressed his body close to mine and barked while staring right into my eyes, "I hate you and I just met you."
I hissed back, "I didn't even have to meet you, I hate your whole, low class, dirty, cheap working class!"
He clashed into me, his lips on mine, hungrily attacking me. Hah. I love my job. I kissed back building the passion and then  broke away.
"I bet wall-mart can do better then what you do", He panted before pushing himself into me again and lacing those long figures into my hair.
I broke away after a moment and said, "Yeah, sure. Says the one who is supplying to who, K-mart?" I then pushed my lips against his again. I am pretty sure Lena fainted at this point…
And that, my friends, is how one of the most successful collab lines in the fashion industry was born.

First of 5 storys i finished. The other ... 4 will come later today... or maybe on newyear...I know i suck :dummy:

So this is to :iconeMCRsmellslikevictory: This was one of the most fun storys to write ever!

Ryan Ross (c) Me and Brendon
Brendon (c) Ryan
My Writing is mine
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